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"Diversity, independence and responsibility are important keywords. Our employees love to work with us and that's something we are proud of. We have an excellent benefits package, an open workatmosphere and loads of possibilities to for professional development. Motivated and good employees form the backbone of our company."

Open positions

  • Commercie
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • HR
  • ICT
  • Inkoop
  • Innovation
  • Internships
  • Procestechniek
  • Productie staf
  • QESH
  • R&D
  • Sales industrie
  • Supply Chain
  • Techniek
  • België
  • Nederland
  • Gelderland
  • Noord-Brabant
  • Vlaams Gewest
  • Zuid-Holland
53 jobs
ChauffeurSteenderen, Gelderland, Nederland
Area Sales Manager Petfood IngredientsKatwijk (Cuijk), Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Maintenance EngineerPuttershoek, Zuid-Holland, Nederland
(Junior) Engineer E&IDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Procurement Manager BeneluxVeurne, Vlaams Gewest, België
Tax OfficerBreda, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Junior ProjectleaderNijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands
Engineer WTBDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Operator 3-ploegenNijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland
EMRA Storingsmonteur PloegendienstDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
EMRA WerkvoorbereiderDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Program Manager Sustainability (3)Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands
Program Manager Sustainability (2)Alphen aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Medewerker OrdermanagementDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Program Manager ESG ReportingBreda, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
MVKDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Financial Controller AO-ICNijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland
Manager InkoopDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
HR Specialist RecruitmentDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Projectmanager R&D BioraffinageNijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland
Supply Chain ManagerAlphen aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Learning & Development SpecialistBreda, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Scientist Analytical ChemistryDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Application Specialist Meat/Fish AlternativesDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Kwaliteitsmanager ProductieDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Senior Process TechnologistDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Business Development Manager InnovationDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
HR Specialist Compensation & BenefitsDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Sales LeaderVeurne, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium
QA specialist Business DevelopmentNijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland
Safety & Health ManagerDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Sales & Marketing ManagerAlphen aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
(Storings)monteur WTB (5 ploegendienst)Dinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
(Storings)Monteur EMRA DagdienstDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Financieel medewerkerAlphen aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Elektromonteur/ Procesoperator SuikersectieDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
IT - OT System EngineerDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Financial Controller AO-ICCuijk, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Business Analist FinanceAlphen a/d Rijn, Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Allround Monteur (5-Ploegen)Puttershoek, Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Onderhoudsmonteur Wtb / ProcesoperatorDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
ChauffeurNijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland
IT - OT System EngineerSteenderen, Gelderland, Nederland
Business Analist FinanceNijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland
Senior Network EngineerSteenderen, Gelderland, Nederland
Cyber Security OfficerDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Senior Network EngineerDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Project ControllerDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Validatie Expert (food)Dinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Validatie Expert (non-food)Dinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Operator/ OnderhoudsmonteurDinteloord, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Maintenance EngineerVeurne, Vlaams Gewest, België
StagesNederland, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

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Leoni van Leeuwen

HR Specialist Recruitment Cosun, Cosun Beet Company

Communicatie, HR, F&C, ICT, Logistiek, Inkoop, Secretariaat, Agrarische Dienst & SHE, Sales.

Stella van Schaik

HR Specialist Recruitment Cosun, Cosun Beet Company Quality, Technology, Procestechniek & Techniek

Wichard de Groot

HR Specialist Recruitment Cosun Beet Company Groningen

Raisa Supriatna

HR Specialist Recruitment Duynie Group (Novidon, AgriBioSource, Duynie Feed & Duynie Ingredients)

Vera Gladdines

HR Officer / Advisor Sensus

Vacatures Sensus

Simone van Gameren

Management Assistent IRS

Vacatures IRS

Some of our benefits...

25 vacation days + 23 working hours reduction days (ADV)

And do you think almost 10 weeks is too much? Then you can sell 10 days (based on a 40-hour work week) for 4% extra salary for example.

13th month of salary!

Nice after the expensive holidays

Vakantiegeld 8%

Een budget van €450,- eens per 5 jaar voor

O.a. voor Cursus / training die aansluit op persoonlijke interesse & Uitbreiding fietsplan & Verduurzaming aan woning etc.

Hybrid work

Where you can work from home for two days a week (based on a 40-hour work week)

Informal work atmosphere with nice collegues

We embrace diversity and everyone matters, because different points of view, backgrounds, preferences and styles make us unbelievably rich.

Flexibel work hours

Start between 7.00 AM and 9.30 AM. End between 3.30 PM and 7.00 PM. Minimum of 6 hours and maximum of 9 hours per day.


Een medewerker kan eens per 3 jaar een sabbatical opnemen voor een periode van maximaal 3 maanden.

Uitstekende pensioenregeling met zeer lage werknemers bijdrage

(en daarmee een mooie bruto netto verhouding)

Je werkt voor een duurzame organisatie!

Kilometer vergoeding

Voor woon- werkverkeer van €0,22

Voor zakelijke kilometers €0,35

Volledige vergoeding voor openbaar vervoer o.b.v. 2e klasse


A yearly budget of €450,- euro, bicycle plan, fitness scheme.


Onregelmatigheidstoeslag van 5%

Indien van toepassing


€2,15 per dag

Actieve personeelsvereniging


Plants have unlimited potential for food, food ingredients, animal feed, biobased ingredients and green energy. We turn this potential into concrete and usable solutions for every day.

Your future collegues

Working at Cosun Beet Company means working for a company that has the ambition to be the world's greenest beet processor in Europe. Cosun Beet Company is committed to this every day, with the focus on maximizing the value of the sugar beet. We would like to share this mission with new employees. Cosun Beet Company therefore offers a wide range of vacancies within various departments. From agricultural affairs, production, technology, marketing, sales, logistics to the finance department. Cosun Beet Company offers many opportunities to start or boost your career.